Cold Air Outside = Dry Air Inside

15 December 2012, Comments: 0

We have had a mild Fall but Winter is upon us and the outside temperature is begining to fall.  Typically as the air outside drops so does the humidity inside our home.  The ideal relative humidity in your home is between 30%-50% and

Dry air makes us uncomfortable by causing chapped lips, itchy skin, and increased static shocks, but it can also affect our health.  As our nose and sinuses dry out they begin to crack and these cracks allow for an easy path for germs and viruses to enter our body.  Dry air also promotes the growth of dust mites which is a major allergen for many people.

Not only is dry air hard on us, but it is also hard on our home.  Dry air acts like a sponge by drawing moisture out of woodwork and home furnishings causing increased wear and tear.  Even musical intruments such as guitars and pianos need turning more frequently in a home that does not have proper humidity control.

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